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If your like your rock n roll full of dark bluesy riffs with a little pinch of Janis Joplin style vocals, then the Deep Vally are the breath of hard rocking fresh air  you’ve been waiting for.

You would be mistaken for thinking that singer/ guitarist, Lindsey Troy was out of the back waters of Louisiana, but both her and drummer Julie Edwards are from the san Fernando Vally (LA) and met while taking needlework classes.
Edwards has an old school John Bonham meets Tommy Lee drum style while Troy, her partner in crime is happy to belt out her vocals bare foot and in a pair of denim hot pants.

At the 1234 music festival the alternative indie loving shoreditch crowd, were given a little taster from the bluesy rock double act. “Gonna make my own money” was their debut single and it didn’t disappoint. Their album is due for release soon and judging by the performance at the 1234 festival, you can be sure that the rest of the album will live up to the big expectations they truly deserve.

Words by Terrence Alexander