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Now in it’s fifth year, the 1234 shoreditch music festival didn’t disappoint to live up to its reputation as the place for indie lovers searching for an alternative to Hyde park… Listening to Dirty Beaches it is easy to see why many have regarded their sound as a combination of bluesy, electro surfer tunes with undertones of Joy Division.

Alex Zhang Hungtai, the singer and songwriter behind the band and usually a solo performer, was for the 1234 festival accompanied this time by a percussionist and a guitarist. With a sound reminiscent of early 80’s elctro pop scene, Dirty Beaches take heavy distortion and drum machines to a new level. With dark rockabilly like guitar riffs and vocals that sound as if they were coming out of a police megaphone, If would be fair to say that there is no other band out there with quite the same sound. And in my opinion one of the stand acts of the festival.

Words by Terrence Alexander