Go Figure: New Fashion Illustration

Fashion and Circus - Up in the Air by Ingela Och Vi.

Fashion and Circus: Up in the Air by Ingela Och Vi. The exhibition will run until July 14th 2012.

In the age of the glossy double spread from the likes of Demarchelier and Meisel, fashion illustration is, sadly, too often overlooked as an art of a bygone era. The latest exhibition at the Fashion Space GalleryGo Figure: New Fashion Illustration, showcases the dynamic practice of contemporary fashion illustration from thirteen rising stars. The exhibition features more than sixty works in a variety of creative mediums ranging from hand drawing, to digital and, surprisingly, even collage. 
The talents of the artists are not limited to just fashion illustration however, with many drawing influence from their various other art and design expertise; graphic designer Cristian Grossi for example, who’s digitally generated work features small animated details, bringing fashion illustration into the Internet age. Also, the work of Madrid-based fashion designer and illustrator Eugenia Alejos, who masterfully exploits aspects of photography, collage and the hand-drawn to create multi-dimensional images with a unique sense of depth and texture.

The beautiful complexity of human imagination…

The binding strength of the exhibition really lies in the collectives innovative approach to the communication of the fashion image, taking the discipline of illustration beyond just hand-to-paper; drawing on their other fields of work and professional background to produce a work which is not only an abstract fashion fantasy, but a deeply personal creative vision. If this exhibition proves anything, it’s that the smoke and mirrors, and darkroom trickery of photography are still no match for the beautiful complexity of the human imagination translated into a tangible image.
Go Figure has been curated by Ligaya Salazar, Curator of Contemporary Programmes at the Victoria and Albert Museum, and Polona Dolžan, independent curator.

By Tayler Buckle

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