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“I made ‘Blood Brother’ simply to tell the story of my best friend Rocky Braat.” Explains Steve Hoover in his directors statement. However Rocky Braat’s story is not your average story, it is one of the most moving ever told.

On a trip to India, American Robin James Braat (Rocky) visited an AIDs orphanage in Chennai. As he looked over the visitors books containing photographs and faces of pervious tourists, he realises he does not want to be just another face in the book; stopping by, being sad for the children, and then carrying on with his own life.

He spent the rest of his summer at the orphanage, and when he had to go back to America, choose to return to India as soon as he could. He builds powerful bonds with the group of children, becoming a father figure and friend to those who need it most. Rocky’s honesty, spirit and determination to do everything he can for the orphans, despite the suffering and pain he experiences with them, makes this documentary so touching. Giving it the power to be a transformative experience for the audience, and motivating them to reassess their own values.

Director and camera man Steve Hoover manages to capture both beauty and serenity in a landscape full of poverty and despair, making this film visually stunning. The documentary is further strengthened by Hoovers best friend relationship with Rocky, allowing him to open up to Steve and his camera, providing an extremely honest and personal narrative.

‘Blood Brother’ is a visual and emotional masterpiece and a deserved winner of both the Sundance 2013 Grand Jury Prize and Audience Awards.