Marque’s Almeida

  • 2-66-1

Anyone could have predicted Marques’ Almeida first handbag was going to be denim right? So when the King&Queen of frayed edges, albeit Marta Marques and Paulo Almeida presented their little furry satchels to the world, they surprised a few. And pleasantly so.

After all, the inspiration for the collection was Patti Smith and Robert Mappelthorpe walking the streets of 70s NY. Think wild hair, homemade feathered amulets and the glamorous poverty of the infamous Chelsea hotel. So it’s no surprise that the duo took cues from this era’s favourite. Indeed, the satchel reigned supreme during a time where artists found a distant comfort of looking like soul searching adorable little children. And through their endearing and authentic collection, Marque’s Almeida prove that they too are, Just Kids.
words by Violaine Bernard
Instagram @violainebernard