Handsome is as Handsome does

Image courtesy of We are Handsome

Image courtesy of We are Handsome

We Are Handsome is an interesting name for a women’s swimwear label. After all, handsome is a quality most often sought after in men; there aren’t that many women we can think of who would want to be described in that way. But a quick look at the collections from this Aussie design house and it’s clear that We Are Handsome’s handmade togs embody plenty that modern women can get behind, being pleasingly proportioned, strikingly designed and ethically produced.
Established in Australia in 2009 by friends Indhra Chagoury and Jeremy Somers, the label has quickly gained a strong cult following. Favourable endorsements from loyal customers and buzz on the internet has helped them crest the wave of success, so to speak, catching the eyes of the industry’s most influential buyers and editors in the process. and with good reason.

Emphasising everything that’s good about the female form

Each We are Handsome piece is a limited edition, with not more than 150 made of any one style and pattern. Chagoury and Somers have prioritised quality and individuality above volume, and that’s what makes their customers feel special and what keeps them loyal. The highest calibre Lycra polyester fabrics are sourced, then printed using high density inks and a process called ‘placement sublimation’, which means positioning the pattern on a particular area of the garment – rather than cutting the design in the most efficient way. It’s time consuming, and there are only two companies in Australia that do this kind of printing. of course, superior materials and cutting-edge production values count for nothing if the end product doesn’t work aesthetically. Happily, that’s not the case here. The brand’s signature vivid hues and bold graphic prints hint at Chagoury’s childhood summers in Queensland, while Somers’ urban minimalistic eye keeps the look clean. The end result is modern yet youthful.

Their bikinis have a rather empowering effect on the wearer: one can’t help but strut from sun lounger to sea. But it’s the striking one-piece suits that are really making waves. nipping, tucking, and pushing up in all the right places, they can eliminate a thousand imperfections, while emphasising everything that’s good about the female form. modest cuts are sexed-up with scooped out backs, key-hole detailing, and zips that run the whole length of the torso, and for those preferring something with a little more substance to it, the aruna bodysuit offers the solution. The low leg rise and short-sleeve combo works well, and is like nothing else we’ve seen.

By Kelly Bowerbank



Images courtesy of We are handsome.