Q&A with Avsh Alom Gur

What made you decide to move to London?

I wanted to live in an art multi cultural capital and wanted to do my MA course in Fashion at CSM. So altogether it was a natural choice and evolution of my career at its early stage.

When did you realise that fashion design was what you wanted to do?

When I trimmed and reshaped all the curtains and tablecloths at my home when I was just 5 year old.

You studied at CSM; do you have any tips for students looking to go into fashion design?

a)  Don’t

b)  Do your BA at your own region; develop your understanding about fashion

c)  Try to get a place at the MA course at Central Saint Martin’s

d)  Find a job on a shop floor at the best shop in your area.

e)  Learn how to sew

f)  Read books apart from Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings

You worked for various fashion houses as a consultant, what made you decide to focus on your own label?

I only started my own label 5 years ago so it’s still a baby. I often, in addition, do various collaborations and consultancies. Ossie Clark was one of those; due to its high profile nature it consumed more and more of my time, and my own label isn’t yet at the stage that it can be so independent and flourish without my constant nurturing.

Where do you see yourself and your brand in ten years?

I would love to have my own retail space. I am quite a product-aholic and a package-aholic. We do have the potential of developing on one hand, a bridal line and skincare range; and on the other hand, creating diffusion lines such as Avsh- She for young girls and Av- Him, a menswear line. I love swimwear, shoes, bicycles, washing up liquids and cars. If needed, I can design them all.

Your designs combine poverty and luxury. Is there a reason or story behind this?

Avsh Alom Gur designs are unique collections that challenge glamour and our definition of beauty. My designs combine Eastern and Western elements with urban street graffiti and underground grunge to create timeless effortless shapes with generous use of fabrics.

What do you want Avsh Alom Gur to mean to women?

My designs challenge traditional ideals of femininity and beauty. The kind of woman who would wear Avsh Alom Gur would be a playful and independent modern woman, who dresses to express her personality. I create garments for women who treat their wardrobe as though they were a curator of a gallery.

–       Laura Chatterton