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Minus temperatures have hit, fur coats are becoming a must and yet fear of flu or frostbite does nothing to deter the ardent swarm of teenage girls who stand firmly in line outside the Garage for several cold hours before the doors are even partially opened.  The occasion?  Warner’s latest singer-songwriter signing, the foppish haired, freckle faced, young indie buck, Lewis Watson.

Having clocked up an impressive number 1 on the itunes singer/songwriter chart, and no. 10 on the UK album chart with his first EP ‘it’s got 4 sad songs on it btw’, not to mention the millions and millions of youtube hits, it’s little surprise that he soon got snapped up one one of the majors labels.   Stood here today, illuminated in blue, the gaggle of impossibly patient girls push forward and crowd the centre of the stage where he stands a mere human foot away from them, guitar in arms.

Breaking into the first emotionally charged track of yearning, Lewis shows his burgeoning wares and worth as a songwriter, despite his innocent years.  Pausing between songs to address the eager teenage hearts all straining in his direction, his self assurance and constant pointers to the merchandise stand at the back verges on the over confident and cocky yet manages to remain just inside the borders of youthful cheekiness.  Swooping in to yet another ‘sad song’ full of adolescent longing and love, there is certainly no breaking the Watson like spell which has been cast on his adoring fans and the front.  The acoustic lead tracks of desire continue, full of promise and a healthy dose of talent. However, as the set continues you can’t help but sense that Lewis has been paying a bit too much attention to Ed Sheerhan and the sooner he explores his own sound the sooner he’ll be in line to take that throne.  Not that it matters tonight, the girls, no doubt still thawing from the five hours in the freezing are putty in his hands, there is even some fainting.   Proper rock n roll.

As the night draws to a close and the last melancholic chords from the new acoustic ingénue are strummed, there is no doubt the name Lewis Watson will soon be on every sound of 2013’s lips and VELOUR are very pleased to say they saw it at the Garage first.

Words by Erika Perfect